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Hougen Annular Cutters for Mag Drills, Sheet Metal, Machining and Industrial Applications


Hougen Annular Cutters

No matter your application, Hougen offers annular cutters for your every application. From thin sheet metal to thick plate materials, Hougen has the solution. Hougen has annular cutters that fit magnetic drills, hand-held drills, or machine tool applications. Hougen can even make custom annular cutters to fit your specific needs.

Basic Guide to Magnetic Drills & Annular Cutters

Mag Drill Annular Cutters


Hougen "12,000-Series" Annular Cutter
The original mag drill annular cutter from which all others are measured. "12,000-Series" Cutters for Hougen's line of Portable Magnetic Drills are available in M2 H.S.S., TiN coated M2 H.S.S. and Modified "12,000-Series" TiN coated Premium M42 H.S.S. in sizes 7/16" thru 3-1/16" (12mm - 100mm) diameters and 1" to 6" (25mm - 152mm) depth of cut.

See Why Hougen Cutters Are the Best

Why use Hougen Cutters (pdf)

"12,000-Series" Cutter Accessories (Arbors for machine tools & sharpening machine)

Copperhead™ Carbide Cutters now feature the Fusion2 3/4" shank for one-touch arbors and standard set screw style arbors. Copperhead Cutters are design for extended tool life in abrasive and tough-to-cut materials. They are available in 1" (25mm), 2" (50mm), 3" (76mm), 4" (102mm) depth of cut in sizes from 9/16" to 2" (14mm - 60mm).


Sheet Metal Hole Cutters - (For Hand held drills or drill presses)

RotaCut™ Sheet Metal Cutters range from 1/4" to 1-1/2" or 6mm to 25mm diameters and up to 1/2" depth of cut for hand-held drills or industrial assembly applications. 3x faster and lasts 10x longer than twist drills or hole saws.
Carbide Holcutters offer improved performance and longer tool life in tough to cut materials. For materials up to 1/8" (3.2mm) thick. 3x faster and lasts 10x longer than twist drills or hole saws.
Hougen Holcutters cut thru the stock rather than tearing or ripping thru like typical hole saws do. Designed for sheet metal up to 1/8" (3.2mm) thick. 3x faster and lasts 10x longer than twist drills or hole saws.
Hougen Step Drills are made from premium cobalt M42 and TiN coated for long tool life.


Hougen® Industrial Annular Cutters

For larger mag drills and smaller CNC machines, these economical tools are available with either .188" or .218" wall thickness to limit workloads, yet still provide high feed rates and speeds.
For machine operations for up to 4" diameters with 3, 4, or 6" depth of cut. They have the Hougen-Edge® feature, a patented precision ground end-tooth geometry developed to provide long tool life, extended resharpenability, and superior surface finish.

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