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"12,000-Series" Cutter Accessories (Arbors for machine tools & sharpening machine)

Hougen Magnetic Drill Cutters

"12,000-Series" Accessories

Sharpening Machine

10950 Sharpening Machine
The Model 10950 has been specifically designed for resharpening "12,000-Series" and Rotaloc Cutters. Provides ease of operation while restoring original factory specified tooth geometry.

- 110-120V, 2.5 Amps, max. 26,000 RPM, double insulated motor w/ spindle lock.

- Improved holders and fasteners allow easier changes and sharpening of tools.

- Bushing in tool holder is more accurate for more precise tooth height.

- Resharpening Instructions and Videos

"12,000-Series" Arbors for Stationary Tools

Use Hougen "12,000-Series" Cutters with stationary tools and drill presses. Triple flatted shank fits 1/2" drill chucks. Uses 1" (25mm) depth of cut "12,000-Series" Cutters for materials up to 1/2" (12.7mm) thick. (Not for use with Copperhead Cutters)

Arbor (click here)

Part No.
Arbor Assembly for 3/4" Shank Cutters Pilot not included.

Arbor Parts (click here)

Part No.
Body for Assembly 11016
1/4 - 28 Set Screw
Optional Cup Stop for 1/2" Shank Cutters
Optional Cup Stop for 3/4" Shank Cutters
Ejector Spring
7/16 - 14 x 0.31 Set Screw (2x)

Pilots (click here)

Part No.
Starter Pilot for 7/16 - 9/16" & 12 - 15mm Cutters
Starter Pilot for 5/8 - 2-1/16" & 16 - 52mm Cutters
Pilot for Old Style Cutters
Starter Pilot for 1/2 - 11/16" & 13 - 18mm Cutters


"12,000-Series" Arbors for Machine Tools

Convert manual and CNC machines such as drill presses, lathes, and mills into fast holemakers. Three styles of holders including R-8, Straight, and Morse taper accommodate Hougen's "12,000-Series" Cutters for materials up to 2" thick. Available with coolant inducer assembly.