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Hougen Industrial Annular Cutters

Hougen® Industrial Cutters

"43,000-Series" & "23,000-Series"

Non-stock cutters. Call for details.

These tools are designed for use in smaller, lower horsepower machines including the HMD933 (HMD915) magnetic drill. These cutters can produce holes up to 3-1/16" dia. thru 3" material. Heavy duty "43,000-Series" Cutters can handle the most demanding hole production jobs. The "43,000-Series" a 0.218" wall thickness and have a 1-1/4" Weldon Shanks..

For added wear resistance, Hougen also offers the TiN coated "23,000-Series" Hougen Cutters, with the same features as the "43,000-Series" Cutters and for use on materials up to 325 BHN.

Modified end tooth geometry for drilling stacked plate is available. Intermediate sizes are available as grind downs from the next larger size. Maximum grind down varies from 0.010" to 0.020" off the diameter.

Non-stock cutters. Call for details.