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Hougen Holcutters for Holes in Sheet Metal


Holcutters are not hole saws. They're precision ground, heat treated tools that easily cut thru the stock rather than ripping, tearing, and pushing thru as do typical hole saws. They can produce holes three times faster and cleaner than hole saws in sheet metal and have dramatically extended tool life, too. All sizes have a "shoulder" to prevent plunge-thru, which is especially useful when drilling into live electrical boxes. See for yourself why electricians, fabricators, and mechanics prefer the quality and speed of a Holcutter over hole saws. Made in USA.


Hougen Holcutters for large diameter holes in sheet metal

Holcutters Feature the Patented
Quad-Lead Thread System for faster cutter changes.
Four individual threads on the arbor allows the cutter to quickly be threaded on or off the arbor. Arbor is for use in 3/8" or larger drill chucks.
Holcutters use a quad-lead thread arbor for getting the cutters on and off quickly

Hougen Holcutters cut hole faster and clean than hole saws
This photo shows how a Holcutter cuts three times faster and cleaner than a hole saw. These Holcutters are for producing holes from 11/16" up to 3" dia. in sheet metal, rubber, gasket and fiber materials, and some plastics up to 1/8" (3.2mm) thick.

Speed Reducer for Holcutters - Use for large diameter Holcutters or for cutting Stainless

Suggested Speeds for Holcutters