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Why use Hougen Ogura hole punches

Why Hougen/Ogura Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers?

A Hougen-Ogura hole punch dramatically reduces your hole-making costs over conventional drilling methods.

Time Savings - Ogura/Punch-Pro users have documented increases in productivity over other holemaking methods. One user stated that he had achieved a 75% time savings over the old method of using twist drills.

Fast Cycle Times - Punch clean and accurate holes in as little 2.3 seconds. A single trigger actuates the punch while an exclusive auto-return mechanism returns the punch to its starting position.

Ease of Handling - Single body light weight construction starting at 17.4 lbs. make these units easy to handle and move with only a single 115V power cord and no separate hydraulics. And operator fatigue is reduced since the Ogura/Punch-Pro does all the work.

Accuracy - Ogura/Punch-Pro eliminates the need to pre-drill or pre-punch. To confirm the punch position, simply jog the punch down to the center mark for the hole location. A convenient release valve allows ease of repositioning if required.

Less Clean Up - With Ogura/Punch-Pro there is no messy drill debris. You get a clean slug that is easy to handle, with faster cleanups.

Punches Last Longer - Twist drill can break easily and dull quickly. When properly cared for, a Ogura/Punch-Pro punch and die set can produce over 1000 holes on average.


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