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Hougen Application Success Stories

Some typical applications of "12,000-Series"
Annular Cutters...

- A company assembling cell phone towers had trouble with their coolant freezing in -26°C weather. They now use "Slick-Stik™" in freezing weather with no problems. - In construction equipment a manufacturer needed to produce 4-1/8" diameter holes thru 2-3/4" thick mild steel. Previously it took 15 minutes and three passes to complete one hole. With Rotabroach, it took under one minute in one pass with a feed rate of 5 IPM.

- A producer of heat exchangers, used conventional tools for a 2.015" hole thru 2-3/4" thick pressure vessel walls - it took 19 minutes. Rotabroach tools required just over one minute per hole, with 600 lineal inches of holes produced per tool, per sharpening.

- A custom bicycle manufacturer uses Rotabroach Cutters to radius the ends of frame tubing to make a miter fit. End mills were used but slow feed rates, large burrs, distortion, and short tool life gobbled up time. With Rotabroach, the radius is now drilled with time savings of 50% or more, plus less time is taken to deburr.

- A company producing weight lifting benches and racks uses Rotabroach Cutters to produce 1-1/8" diameter holes thru 0.120" thick tube walls in 15 seconds per hole. They're using a 1 HP motor to drive the spindle, a motor rated by its manufacturer to drill 1/2" maximum holes using twist drills.

- A manufacturer of coal handling equipment for power plants drill 3-1/2" holes thru 1-1/4" thick weldments. Twist drills distorted the material while taking nearly six minutes per hole. The Rotabroach Advantage: a savings of approximate 5-1/2 minutes per hole and no deformation.

- A fabricator of nuclear components uses Rotabroach tools to put 2-3/4" holes thru 8-1/2" of 625 Inconel. A double savings of time (over six hours per hole saved) and money as value of a solid slug increased by $150 per hole.

Rotabroach Cutters are used in all types of industries:
     - construction
     - fabrication
     - aerospace
     - automotive
     - petroleum
     - food processing equipment
     - values, piping, pumps
     - railroad
     - bridge rebuilding
     - HVAC
     - utilities
     - etc

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