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Hougen Spindle Adapters

Hougen Spindle Adapters

To Increase versatility & productivity of your Hougen Magnetic Drill you will be adding many of the accessories listed here. These Spindle Adapters are required for several of the accessories listed. Installation Instructions

Hougen Spindle Adapters
Part No. Description
01829 1/2" Chuck Adapter for HMD904 (Old Threaded style motor spindles)
08597 HMD933 & HMD915 - 3/4" cutter shank adapter
05536 HMD904 & HMD925 Chuck Adapter (Hex Drive)
07339 Adapter for HMD904 & HMD925 Tapping Adapter (Hex Drive)
07448 #2 Morse Taper Adapter for HMD917
08176 HMD904 & HMD905 Tapping Adapter (Slot Drive)
08179 HMD917 Tapping Adapter
08186 HMD904, HMD905 & HMD927 Chuck Adapter (Slot Drive)
08190 HMD917 Chuck Adapter
40040 3/4" Shank for HMD933 & HMD915
40226 Tapping for HMD914
40341 Chuck Adapter for HMD914
10851 1/2" bore for HMD904, HMD914 - Not Shown



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