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Hougen HMD927 Two Speed Power Feed Portable Magnetic Drill

Hougen HMD927 Two Speed Power Feed Magnetic Drill



Hougen HMD927 Power Feed Magnetic Drill

A powerful two speed power feed mag drill with great power to weight ratio.

• Large 1-5/8" x 2" capacity
• Powerful high torque Hougen motor and gears
• Two Speed gear box - 250 & 450 RPM
• Pilot light - for low light or no light conditions
• Smart technology optimizes feed rate for increased tool life and excellent hole quality
• Single handle to engage power feed system
• Selectable manual/power feed mode
• Two stage magnet - 30% increase in power when motor is turned on
• Positive slug ejection
• Integrated coolant bottle
• Lift detector safety system
• One year warranty

Swivel Base adds even greater versatility:

• Precisely line up your pilot with the holes center location
• One stroke lock and unlock handle
• Great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas, and getting out over another piece of steel
• Patented

The HMD927 replaces the HMD925


Integrated Coolant Bottle
Pilot Light Two Stage Magnet Hex Wrench Holder
Quickly line up the pilot in low light or no light Increases magnet life Never look for your wrench again
Multi-Speed Gear box D-Ring Safety ChainConnector Slot Drive Arbor
Improves tool life and torque Securely chain the drill to the work piece More accuracy, change accessories quicker
Models & Part No.
Part No. Description Voltage Coolant Bottle Swivel
927102 HMD927 115v X
927104 HMD927 115 X X
* All drills include: pint of coolant, safety chain, & hex wrenches.