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Hougen 12,000-Series Rotabroach Annular Cutters

Hougen Magnetic Drill Annular Cutters

Hougen Magnetic Drill Annular Cutters


For use with Hougen Portable Magnetic Drills and machine tools operations on materials up to 350 BHN. Made of hardened, high speed tool steel and precision ground, cutters feature a 3/4" diameter shank (Model HMD933 requires adapter #02386) and are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6" D.O.C. Plus, modified end tooth geometry for stacked plate drilling is available. "12,000-Series" Annular Cutters are resharpenable using the 10950 Sharpening Machine.


Hougen "12,000-Series" Cutters with the Fusion™ Shank - Click Here

Rotabroach Fusion Annular Cutter

"12,000-Series" Annular Cutters and Accessories

Extended Reach Hougen Cutters

4" & 6"
Extended Reach 
Annular Cutters


Pilots for Rotabroach Cutters



"12,000-Series" Cutter

"12,000-Series" Annular Cutters
Special Sizes and coatings are available on request.


-- Please Note New Pilot System -
(Flyer explaining change - PDF)

*All cutters are available with stack geometry.
  To order: add 'S' to end of part no. ie... 12226S. Some sizes may not be available
  for stock. (General lead time is 7-10 days).

"12,000-Series" Cutter Kits